Why am I Passionate about Life-Sciences and Healthcare?

This blogpost was first published on January 15th, 2007.

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After 16 years of product marketing and management experience across 3 continents, one expects to have seen it all. However, I was little prepared for the gut wrenching experiences that the death of a loved one or my own health issues would foist upon me.

The introspection and soul searching that culminated, led me to some serious revelations about myself, what I truly care about and cherish, and perhaps most importantly, what I would like to devote the rest of my life to.

I came to the conclusion that my life would be best devoted to “the cause of life” – enabling technology to enhance the quality of human life, not only in the United States or North America, but globally, given that more than 80% of the world’s population do not have access to what can be called adequate healthcare by any stretch of the imagination.

Doctor with Medical Device

Wouldn’t it be extremely worthwhile to be a part of the next-generation of advances in diagnostic imaging such as 256 slice CAT scanning equipment or bio-markers from Siemens Medical Solutions or GE Healthcare, which can abet in the early detection of disease, that not only provides a greater probability of a superior patient outcome, but also considerably reduces the cost of treatment across the world?

Wouldn’t it be an extremely gratifying experience to contribute to life-saving solutions that sit at the cusp of drugs and medical devices like drug eluting stents from companies like Medtronic, Boston Scientific or Johnson and Johnson that I deeply admire?

Is there a higher purpose in life to aspire for, than to experience the joy and fulfillment of seeing real people being delivered from the excruciating agony, the loss of dignity as well as the “death sentence” imposed by highly debilitating diseases like Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and AIDS, or helping alleviate the suffering and fatalities in infants and children, in the developing areas of the globe?

This is what I am passionate about more than anything else in the world and aspire to harness, deploy and fulfill my passion now and in the foreseeable future. Dedication to “the cause of life” is my idea of ‘a purpose-driven life’ –making a difference to, and giving back to society that has provided me with an incredible education as well as the freedom and the opportunity to realize my potential.

Am I way too naive or does my dream and passion make any rational sense at all? Considering that the greatest minds and leaders of our times Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton and countless others worldwide) are focused on measurably enhancing the quality of human life globally, it probably does!

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  1. Michael Naimoli says:


    I really appreciated reading this post. I have never wanted to do anything in my life other than become a scientist, and when I started in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1990, I knew that desire found a home in the work to bring life changing products to market. I have since realized that IT is a crucial enabler of that effort. Thank you for being so passionate about this industry. We need more of it.

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